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Recent Meets
4/2Cheney Tech T&F (4/2)
4/8@Ellis Tech w/Norwich Tech & Grasso
4/9Lyman/Tourt/Windham Tech
4/11Obrien Tech(Wolct, Platt, Kayn, BHT)
4/17Obrien Tech(Wolct, Platt, Kayn, BHT)
4/21Prince Tech Outdoor 1 (4/23)
4/23Coventry/Gramby/Windham Tech
4/25CTC West Vo-Tech T&F (OBT - 4/25)
4/30@ Ellis w/Putnam & Norwich Tech
4/30Prince Tech T&F Invitational II (4/30)
5/4Marty Roberts Invitational
5/7Prince Tech
5/7Prince Tech T&F Invitational III (5/7)
5/14CTC East/Central Vo-Tech T&F (Prince)
5/14O'Brien Tech (Wolcott, Bullard, Plat
5/17Obrien Tech(Wolct, Platt, Kayn, BHT)
5/18Prince Tech Stubbs Invitational (5/18)

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CSC Outdoor T&F May 22 @ Prince Tech

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