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Woodrow Wilson Middle School T&F Invitational CANC
Info:Woodrow Wilson Middle School T&F Invitational, Woodrow Wilson Middle School, Middletown, CT CANCELLED
Date Thu May 14, 2020 at 3:00 pm in MIddletown, CT
Contact: at Woodrow Wilson Middle School Middletown, CT
Phone:860 347-8594
Web Site: WEB SITE
Notes: ** ENTRY DEADLINE MAY 10 - 9 PM (**

Scoring: 10-8-6-4-2-1

Substitutions/Changes must be received by 3 pm raceday.

Limit - no more than 3 substitutions/changes per team per gender.

All running events are finals on time.


3:00PM Shot boys (8 lb) followed by girls (6 lb)
Discus 1 kg. (girls), followed by Discus 1kg (boys)
Long Jump (boys and girls)
High Jump (girls -3-6 and boys 4-0)

3:30PM 4x100m relay
4x400m relay

The concession stand will be open and T shirts will be sold at the event.

Navigate to

Click on Track Entry System

A. New Users create User ID (use email account as User ID)

Input Team (Middle School Name) and User information

Click submit to process data.
If successful, user will receive two lines of confirmation confirming User ID creation and Team Name creation Click continue to return to main Log in Menu

B. Returning Users log into the system with User ID and Password

STEP 1: Enter Athletes on your roster .. Make Sure that Men and Women are listed under separate rosters;

STEP 2: Select meet (Woodrow Wilson Middle School Invite)

STEP 3: Enter athletes into the meet;
Select athlete name from drop down list;
Then select the event(s) that each athlete is to enter (i.e. 100, 1600)
and enter a mark (i.e. 5:00.0);
Entry will appear in a list below the additional boxes

NOTE: ENTRY LIMITS -- 3 athletes per event per team in 100 � 4 athletes per event per team in the other events.. SYSTEM WILL NOT ALLOW YOU TO MAKE 5 entries per event per team.

FIELD EVENTS FORMAT FT-INCHES ... ie. 5-00 .... 121-11 ..

STEP 4: Enter relays into meet;
Select relay name from drop down list;
select section A; enter a mark for the relay (i.e. 4:01.0);
Click on CONFIRM to enter the relays

STEP 5: Request email confirmation

Thu May 14, 2020Woodrow Wilson Middle School T&F Invitational CANCMIddletown, CT

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