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Hoppin Hodges Memorial 5K
Info:Hoppin Hodges Memorial Rails to Trails 5K Race, Ben Franklin Plumbing, 580 Lake Rd, Andover CT
Date Sun Apr 04, 2021 at 8:30 am in Andover, CT
Contact:Janet Romayko
Web Site: WEB SITE
Registration: ONLINE REG
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Notes:Hoppin Hodges Memorial 5K Race, Ben Franklin Plumbing, 580 Lake Rd, Andover CT

Rails to Trails Race - Registration is open - DONATE $$ ON RACE DAY

Racing 2021

Health and safety is our number one goal.

Ensuring a safe race environment is our mission

Hop River Trail 5K using safe race procedures

Andover CT


Online registration is required for all participants.

Paper forms will not be permitted.

Event registration will be limited (currently at 200).

Distancing: Social distancing requirements will be followed.
Everyone must remain six feet apart at all times.

Face masks will be required at check-in.

Face masks are not required during the race.

Start Line:

Time Trial Start Line procedures will be used.

One person starts every 5 to 10 seconds with the faster individuals starting first.

Spectators are not allowed at the finish line or start areas.

After finishing the race, runners should leave the finish line area immediately..

Results will be posted online after the event.

No results will be posted on race site.
Sun Apr 04, 2021Hoppin Hodges Memorial 5K Andover, CT ONLINE REG

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