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Josh Billings RunAground
Info:The Great Josh Billings RunAground Triathlon , Lenox, Mass (bike-canoe-run triathlon), 9:30 am
Date Sun Sep 18, 2016 at 9:30 am in Lenox, MA
Contact:Patty Spector at Lenox, Mass
Web Site: WEB SITE
Notes:The Josh Billings is the 2nd oldest bike, canoe/kayak, run triathlon in the world!

The race begins in Great Barrington, Massachusetts with a 27 mile scenic but challenging bike ride, followed by a 5 mile canoe or kayak sprint around Stockbridge Bowl, and is completed with a 6.2 mile run around the lake ending at the Tanglewood Music Festival in Lenox.

The Josh combines the scenic beauty of the Berkshires with four exciting sports and the result is a great day of competition, fun and camaraderie. Following the race, the Great Josh "Bash" takes place at Tanglewood with music, food, festivities, the annual Kids Fun Run and awards.


1. All Berkshire
2. Males 39 and Under
3. Males 40 and Over
4. All Female
5. Masters 50 and Over
6. Grandmasters 60 and Over
7. Mixed 39 and Under
8. Mixed 40 and Over
9. 2 Person Male
10. 2 Person Female
11. 2 Person Mixed
12. Recreational (may only use a recreational or standard canoe)
13. Ironman
14. Ironperson 40 and Over
15. Ironperson 50 and Over
16. Ironwoman

CANOE OR KAYAK (you can use either boat in these categories)

17. Veterans 70 and Over (FREE!! category)
18. 20 and Under
19. Family
20. Corporate/Organization (
must all be employed by or a member of)

21. 3 Female & 1 Male
22. Ironman 60 and Over
23. Ironwoman 60 and Over

KAYAK CATEGORIESStrictly enforced
� Teams (more than one person) may only use kayaks that are
18 inches or wider at the 4 inch waterline and surfskis are
prohibited. Ironpersons may use any kayak. There is no
restriction on length except for Recreational category.
No Hobies or Foils for all teams/iron.

24. All Berkshire
25. Males 39 and Under

26. Males 40 and Over
27. All Female
28. Mixed 39 and Under
29. Mixed 40 and Over
30. Masters 50 and Over
31. Grandmasters 60 and Over
32. Recreational (kayaks must be 12 and Under)
33. 2 Person Male
34. 2 Person Female
35. 2 Person Mixed
36. Ironman
37. Ironperson 40 and Over
38. Ironperson 50 and Over
39. Ironwoman

PADDLEBOARD CATEGORIES (SUPs paddle the same course as canoes and kayaks. Leashes are required. There is a 14 foot limit on paddleboards.)
40. Team Paddleboard
41. Ironman Paddleboard
42. Ironwoman Paddleboard

EXHIBITION CATEGORY (Not eligible for overall Josh award)

43. 4 Person Canoe (only 4 people allowed on team-biker and runner must also paddle)
Sun Sep 18, 2016Josh Billings RunAgroundLenox, MA

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