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Gaylord Gauntlet Trail/Obstacle 5K
Info:Gaylord Gauntlet Trail/Obstacle 5K, Gaylord Hospital, Wallingford, CT
Date Sat Jun 25, 2016 at 9:30 am in Wallingford, CT
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The Gaylord Gauntlet is a 5K Trail/Obstacle Run entirely on the Gaylord Hospital campus which features 500 acres of land in a rural Wallingford setting.

COURSE: The course will be a blend of wooded trail and open field running with natural and man-made obstacles. Mud will be used sparingly, but upper body strength will be featured in some obstacles including a rock wall climb and vine swings.

TIMING: All participants will have a timing chip in their bib.

Costumes are encouraged and being a part of a team may make it more fun and be helpful with some of the obstacles.

The race is appropriate for those 12 and older, otherwise open to everyone.

Individuals and parents will need to determine their own limitations regarding specific obstacles and younger athletes that may want to participate.

The goal is to promote health and fitness with a race in a natural setting on a hospital campus. It will challenge your upper and lower body strength, speed and endurance.

The entire event has been coordinated and built by Gaylord Hospital volunteers and all profits will go to sponsor their Sports Association for disabled athletes, some of whom will also participate.

****************** WAVES **********************

2016 Gauntlet Time Schedule

Time Wave # Bib Numbers

09:00 1 1-50
09:20 2 51-100
09:40 3 101-150

10:00 4 151-200
10:20 5 201-250
10:40 6 251-300

11:00 7 301-350
11:20 8 351-400
11:40 9 401-450

12:00 10 451-500
12:20 11 501-550
12:40 12 551-600
13:00 13 601-650


Age divisions and team scoring

60 and over

Team Scoring: 5 score per team

Cumulative time of the first 5 team members score
Sat Jun 25, 2016Gaylord Gauntlet Trail/Obstacle 5KWallingford, CT

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